Team USA fights off Spain to win gold medal in Olympic rematch

Spain’s Marc Gasol (C) holds the ball aways from Lebron James (L) and Tyson Chandler during their men’s gold medal basketball match at the North Greenwich Arena in London during the London 2012 Olympic Games

LONDON – Somewhere in the midst of their relaxing afternoon stroll to the gold medal, Team USA looked up and found themselves in a fight. Spain rained 3-pointers over the Americans’ heads. Pau and Marc Gasol bullied the U.S. frontline. And after U.S. center Tyson Chandler became entangled with Sergio Rodriguez in the second quarter, the little Spanish point guard stepped up and jabbed his right index finger into Chandler’s face.

Rodriguez’s message was clear: For all your NBA talent, for all your American dominance, you will not push us around.

Yes, Team USA’s gold-medal rematch with Spain proved nearly as difficult as their battle in Beijing four years ago. Just like in 2008, the Americans finally separated themselves from Spain in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, holding on for a 107-100 victory that gave them their second straight Olympic gold medal.

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